DIY Tea Bags

For you crafters, do you see a project and think, this can't be that hard.  Well, this was one of those projects.  It wasn't so much hard as time consuming.  It was tedious work but worth it.  I made these for some girlfriends.  Something little to say thank you for your friendship.  ps.  I'm still working on my sewing skills.

Here is what I did:
1.  Cut shapes out of muslin fabric.  I used cookie cutters for the different shapes.
2.  I sewed the two fabric shapes together. This can be done on machine or hand sewn.  
3.  I added a string that will be used as the tag.
4.  Fill with loose tea.  I used earl grey and chai.
5.  Sew the hole together.
6.  Using scrapbook paper, cut a square and glue on end of string.

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