Our Merry & Bright Christmas

I love Christmas time.  It's been a whirlwind of events, excitement and joy these past few days.  I can't believe how fast it comes and go.  You really do need to take in all the wonderful moments as they happen.
December 22// For the past three years we have been able to participate in carolling through Walnut Grove and collecting for the food bank with the firefighters.  The kids and I ride along behind the firetrucks singing and waving while Trevor walks along side collecting donations.  It poured rain but that didn't stop us.  Oliver fell asleep twenty minutes in but Isla and I took it all in.

December 23 // Trevor and I were able to go into the city for a date.  We haven't done an evening in the city at Christmas since before we had kids.  I surprised Trevor and we spent the evening at Vancouver Christmas Market.  We had never been and had a great time mainly eating all the yummy German food.  From schnitzel and spatzel to waffles on a stick.  It was all so good!  After our stomachs were full and we had soaked up the Christmas cheer we took a stroll down Robson Street.  I found a few items for Christmas and we were ready to get back home to our munchkins.

Christmas Eve // It arrived and we were ready for some major celebrating.  Trevor worked a half day and when he got home that meant he started his week long holiday break.  A whole week together!  I was busy finishing last minute gifts [lots of homemade ones this year of course] and wrapping some last minute presents.  We went to our Christmas Eve service with Trevor's family and then were off to celebrate the European way.  They celebrate with appy's, drinks and opening presents.  All of them.  A little different then what many are used to but it works great because the kids get a bit of both traditions.  Kids got new Christmas pj's which is a tradition I grew up with and have enjoyed passing along to my littles.  We finished the night playing a game, came home and we all fell asleep with anticipation for the morning. 

Christmas Day // We had a late start to the day because we got home quite late.  Once we were all up, kids ran to their stockings while Trevor and I got our coffees.  Oliver can recognise our names and was able to give out all the presents to everyone.  We Face Timed with all of my family.  We decided not to make a trip home to Alberta this year for Christmas, a first in a long time.  While it's not the same as physically being with family, technology does help make the distance not as big.  Family dinner was at Trevor's Aunt and Uncle's new home.  We ate a huge turkey dinner [i was proud of my first ham] and enjoyed each others company.  The night ended with a competitive game of fishbowl - three rounds of your team guessing your secret item on your paper and kids fell asleep on our way home after yet another full day of celebration.  

Thank you Jesus for the best birthday party we could ever have!

Hope you and your family had a lovely little Christmas!

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