Oh Christmas Tree

For the past three years we have done two Christmas trees.  A fake one I can decorate [pretty] and early and a little real one for the kids to decorate closer to Christmas.  Both have become great traditions.  We break out the Christmas music the end of November and start to decorate both the house and tree.  It gets all of us ready for the holidays.  Venturing out to the Christmas tree farm to pick and cut down our very own tree is always an adventure.  This year has been a bit different for our family.  Trevor has needed to take a course for five weekend days till the middle of December.  Not excellent timing with all the Christmas events but we have made the best of it.  Instead of doing, we are just keeping it simple.  With snow on the ground I didn't want to miss the opportunity to get out and enjoy it.  So I packed up the kids and we headed out to get our little tree.  Trevor wasn't able to join us because of work but we had a wonderful time.  I braved the cutting of the tree.  Good thing Oliver choose a really [really] small tree.  It's so small we were able to put it in a bucket.  Trevor had the honours of decorating it with the kids.  

Oh ya, my littles did a great job at taking pictures since it was just the three of us!

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  1. Ok seriously...that is so so cute Marn! Good job Ollie on snapping those pic's!!


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