Pinned it - Made it!

Pinned it - Made it!  I have hundreds of ideas on my Pinterest board and this was one I knew I could do easily if I just had one simple thing - a tree stump.  Not easy to come by but during our May long weekend at the cabin, I convinced my husband to get out the chain saw and cut some trees.  Luckily for me, we had great weather that weekend, a chain saw, a willing husband and trees.  So off we went to explore in the forest on the property and found some nice birch and cottonwood.  I made a few projects from the birch and will post later.  They turned out great.

Trevor did help out quite a bit with this project.  He cut, sanded and stained it for me.  I did about 5 coats of polyurethane on it to seal it because it would near splashing children.  

I knew this needed to be in our bathroom.  Right by our bathtub as a little stool.  It looks rich yet elegant.  It makes a bubble bath even more inviting.  


  1. Cute. I have a tree stump I picked up randomly a few years a go. I just have it out on my porch. Will definitely stain and seal it now.

  2. what stain and seal did you use?

  3. Any problems with bugs?

  4. I put my moose sign on it. I love it!!


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