3rd Annual Christmas Brunch

This was our third year hosting friends and family for our annual Christmas brunch.  It's such a busy time of year but it's almost required to see the people who mean the most to you.  It's hard with hectic schedules so that's why we decided to do a morning event.  No work parties or Christmas lights to see on a Saturday morning.  And no nee for a babysitter!  With 40+ people it makes for a chaotic house but we love it.  And our friends come back so that's a good sign.  We collect for the local food bank and our friends were very generous this year.  
I tried to keep things easy with a fruit platter, a couple of baked goods and three casseroles.  Two of them were able to be made a head of time but with one oven, it's hard to get everything out on a timely manner.  The eggs benedict casserole was a hit and thinking it might be my go-to for Christmas morning.  
I've been asked what makes a good party.  Really I think there are a few key requirements:  good food/drink, hosts enjoying themselves and creating an atmosphere for guests to do the same and making the party interesting.  Or part of it.  I try to have one interesting or fun aspect of the party, whether a birthday party or holidays party.  I find having a 'station' is a sure bet.  This year I had a photo station with some fun props.  The kids have fun dressing up and it's a great memory. 

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