Mini Winter Getaway

Since we decided not to make our usual trip to Alberta this Christmas, we wanted to make the most of Trevor's week long holiday.  It's always nice to get away for New Years but it can be pricey and difficult to find a place to stay.  So we settled on a couple days over the weekend leaving New Years open for some fun plans.  I wanted a winter wonderland get away so we needed to go north or east.  We opted for north = Squamish & Whistler.  It was nice to get away with good friends [the Hauser crew] with the kids and have a few little adventures.  We stayed in Squamish and just being in a hotel made the kids giddy.  Jumping on the beds and the swimming pool were a treat just in itself.  We spent Saturday in Whistler sledding and checking out the village.  It has been a very mild winter and realised that when we arrived and their wasn't much snow.  But we found some snow on the mountain and had a blast.  Our evenings were filled with good food, drinks and games once the kiddos were asleep.  Ang and I even got to escape for a quick spa pedicure.
On our way home we stopped at Shannon Falls to check out the waterfalls.  Can't believe we had never done that before.  It was well worth the stop.


  1. Next time you go to Whistler you need to call me! We are going to be up there on the weekends until March! Would love to have you guys by for dinner/drinks and playtime. XOOOO

  2. That would be great! It's been way too long.


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