Advent. Countdown to an important birthday.

December is finally here!  I feel like we can officially start the Christmas season.  Having kids makes Christmas so much fun.  Seeing their excitement and joy is heart warming.  I have such great memories as a child and I want my kids to look back with the same feelings.  It's fun to start new family traditions and take in all that the season has to offer.

So for advent I decided to do a few things that we have done in the past to keep it a tradition and a few new things.  I'm find it really a balancing act to keep the 'Christ' in Christmas and having fun counting down to the biggest and most important day of the year.  I think you can do both.  Last year we focused on alot of activities and events but this year is a little more 'home' and 'other' focused.  The activities, crafts and baking usually just happen so I don't feel it needs to be planned part of advent.  

Today we started our Advent. 

1.  I bought a wood advent calendar two years ago that I hope will be around for a long time.  It already has one broken door but that's ok.  It'a all part of making memories and when it gets brought out each year, I hope the kids get excited.  Every morning we open a door with a little something to enjoy.  I added a scripture that we will read every morning.  I feel like this year the kids really get it.  We are counting down to a big birthday party.... Jesus birth!  A new kids Bible App just came out and is great.  It has different Bible stories and we read the "First Christmas" one today and talked about baby Jesus birth.  Check it out at: YouVersion Bible App for Kids

2.  Santa Beard: I found a simple but cute little craft that helps the kids count down to Christmas.  Each day one of the kids glues a cotton ball onto Santa's beard.  I've never pushed the whole Santa thing because I grew up with it not being a focus so I hope the kids see Santa just as a holiday character, like a reindeer or snowman.  He is fun but nothing to be celebrated.  Here is the link: Santa Calendar

3.  RACK [Random Acts of Christmas Kindness]:  I've seen this idea a few times this year and I thought it would be a great idea to try with the kids.  I made and printed off a few cards and we will be blessing people over the next few weeks.  It is an easy concept but I know actually doing it daily will be much harder.  We brainstormed a few ideas and my hope is that out of the 24 days we do at least half.  With all the getting that comes at this time of year, I want to my kids to realize giving is where the joy and fufuillment comes from.  I know it's easy to just 'do' at Christmas but if it has a purpose, then I don't mind.  It's a good busy when doing for others.  I will keep you posted on how this goes.  

4.  Christmas Books & Boo Boo: We have done both of these the past couple years and is fun addition to the season.  Opening a little someone every night is  fun and we get in some quiet family time at the end of the day.  Boo Bo, named by Oliver is fun for the kids to find every morning.  

What are you doing for Advent this year?  

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  1. I love advent calendars! I love the random acts of kindness idea - I might add some of these to our activity advent calendar!


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