craft website for men?

I recently came across a website and it's basically like Pinterest for men.  It's called Man Made: Creativity and the Handmade Life for the Postmodern man.  This isn't your typical craft and DIY website with mason jars, chalk paint and burlap.  This is man stuff like making a work bench, a leather belt and pipe shelves.  So if you have a male in your life that is creative and handy, direct them over to a cool, manly craft website.  One they won't be afraid to admit to checking out.

Curious however how many men would see a project and actually go to Home Depot to get all the supplies and make it.  Let's just say we still have unpainted baseboards after three years so I'm guessing my husband, while very handy and capable probably won't be making crafts for our house or something to wear in his spare time.  We will just leave the crafting up to me.  

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