decisions, decisions

With Oliver starting kindergarten next year, I feel the pressure already to find not a good, but a great school for him.  One that is nurturing, supportive and engaging.  I want a great community of people around him.  To grow and learn with him.  Because I grew up in Alberta, I don't know the schools in this area well so of course I need to research.  Because that's what I do with all big decisions.  Today we checked out Langley Fundamental School.  Two weeks ago it was Langley Christian School.  Both great options but still some deciding factors are unknown.  Will LCS have part time kindergarten and will Oliver get a spot at LFS?  So we wait for some important information and in the mean time, we pray that we will have peace and God will lead us to the right place.  I already feel my heart aching to think Oliver will be away from me all day.  Big step for my little and big step for this mommy.  

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