I have a few friends who have been blogging for quite sometime.  I know blogging isn't anything new or cutting edge but it's a good way to keep in touch with friends and family who live far away.  Life as a full time mommy is hectic and crazy at times but this will be a good place to put down my thoughts on a day to day basis.  I have a feeling many of these posts will be about my sweet children: they are my life and my heart along with my husband, entertaining: anyone who knows me knows I love to host a good party and DIY projects: it's an outlet for me to get creative and especially try to do something I've never done before.  

For the sake of being random and fun, I thought I would write 25 random things about myself that you may or may not know:

1.  I adore dark chocolate.

2.  I hang dry most of our clothes.
3.  I used to hate used or old things till about two years ago.  I love a good thrift find.
4.  I'm not great at accessorising but painted nails seem to pull an outfit together.  
5.  I like to research everything.
6.  Definitely not a morning person.  
7.  I don't care that I drive a mini van.  It's practical and that's what I need right now.
8.  Making lists is an absolute must.  
9.  Wish I could travel more.  Not vacation but travel.
10.  One day I hope to live on a farm/acreage and maybe have a chicken or two.
11.  Sorry if you have ever heard me sing.  Not one of my talents.
12.  I have never seen the movie Sound of Music.
13.  Cereal is my go-to meal anytime of the day.
14.  If my feet are cold, I can't sleep.
15.  Shopping over the border is a delight.  
16.  My husband I were at numerous places and events together but we never knew each other.
17.  I graduated high school with 17 people.  Many which I went to kindergarten with.
18.  I can't even remember the last time I finished a novel.
19.  Running a half or full marathon is on my bucket list.
20.  I would rather do anything else but public speak in front of a large group.   Like most people.
21.  I cry easily.
22.  I don't like wearing my glasses but unfortunately I need to.
23. I'm not a huge fan of the newborn stage but think it gets fun after 6 months.
24.  Played basketball in high school and rugby in university.
25.  I've never broken a bone or been put under anesthesia.  

Here are my two littles making the most of running errands with mommy this morning.  

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