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I've been following a blog called Mommy Shorts.  She has a series called "Monday Mornings" and is documenting five random mothers in the New York area to prove there is beauty in every mother's morning.   Today she documented Ilona.  Check it out at: Monday Morning with Ilona.

My Monday morning could be summed up in three words: sleepy, predictable and comfortable.  
I woke to a messy house after having company late last night.  I usually don't like going to bed with an untidy house and kitchen but I liked this beautiful mess.  The dirty dished stacked on the counter, Chinese containers needing to be thrown away and an empty wine bottle reminded me of what is important.  Relationships.  Sharing life with those you love and care about.  It was a blessed evening.  

I have just started to share my blog with friends and family.  I was recently asked by a friend if I'm going to share the hard or not so great things in life.  It was a good question.  Without hesitation I quickly responded of course.  Life isn't always about pretty things, smiling children, a happy couple.  Life is hard and messy.  Like everyone we have tough days and go through hardships.  No one is immune to it.  I think it's refreshing to be honest with those close to you and vice versa.  I'm not one to broadcast my problems with the world especially on social media.  I don't feel that's a place for it.  On the flip side it's easy to portray a picture perfect life to everyone.  I know I'm guilty of it.  Who wants to put the worst picture of yourself as your profile picture?  Not me.  Or your tantruming child?  Not me.  Or the laundry stacked up that has been sitting for a week?  Not me.  But I think we all know that there is more that what we see in those pictures.  We all have laundry, cranky children and unflattering pictures of ourselves.  So look beyond pictures, status updates and a smile.  I don't want to portray an easy, perfect life but despite all the messy, hard things in my life, I do try to find the blessings and the lovely parts.  

Watching Toy Story with my sick little boy.  Sad he can't go to preschool today.

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