DIY infinity scarf

Infinity scarves are right on trend right now.  Finding a mini version has proven to be difficult.  So with my very basic sewing skills, I decided to make my own toddler.  You can Google, YouTube or find any 'how to' on Pinterest these days.  

I bought navy jersery material and shiny gold sequince material at the fabric store.  Here is what I did:

1.  Cut fabric about 15" x 40".
2.  Match up fabric length wise with print side together.
3.  Sew along edge to make a tube.
4.  Turn inside out.
5.  Match up the ends of the circle with print side together again, pin and sew around till you have a small hole.  This is a tricky part so go slow.  
6.  Hand sew the small hole closed.

I also made one for myself and just increased the size of the fabric to 35" x 70".

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  1. I read this yesterday then last night dreamt I was sewing them too. I might have to. Great idea!


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