game day

The cold weather has set in and it seems like most days are 'inside' days.  I find it's easy for the kids to get antsy and whinny.  When this happens I need to re-set the day and I find playing games always helps.  The kids usually just want to some mommy time and attention if they have been playing by themselves for a while.  I must admit I'm not great at free play or pretend play.  I can only pretend to be a dinosaur or snake so many times.  Trevor is great at pretend play.  When he comes home, costumes come out, animal adventures happen and battles begin.  I on the other hand read, play games, bake, craft and sing with the kids.  It seems to be a good balance of our parenting play skills.  

Today has been an inside day after a busy weekend.   Today we played the Manners game and Cariboo.  We are really working on taking turns, playing by the rules and being good sports about loosing. Even as adults, it's not always easy but important life lessons.  I never know if a game is going to be a hit or a miss so many of these games I bought at Toy Traders or a consignment store.  Or given as gifts for birthdays or Christmas.  When someone asks what my kids want, I usually suggest games, books or crafts.  Something to do rather than just to have.  They have plenty.

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