target for the win

A friend and I did a kid swap this week.  We often take turns looking after each others kids for a few hours.  Yesterday was my day to have a few hours to myself.  It's amazing how much you can get done in a few hours without kids.  I was on a mission to get stuff done and lots of it.  But got sidetracked in Target.  Went there to find Oliver a sweater or shirt for Christmas.    And come out with two dresses.  I was hoping to get a new shirt or sweater as well for some Christmas parties but was thrilled to find clearance dresses, $12 and $14!  Can you tell I like a good deal.   

When I heard Target was coming to Canada it was bittersweet.  I love me some Target and love crossing the boarder to find a variety of different stuff and good prices.  But now that its in my neighbourhood practically, I feared it would loose its 'specialness'.  The selection isn't as good nor the prices but I still ALWAYS find something to buy there.  So I guess it's a win win because we have Target close by, even for the practical things and Target just minutes over the boarder for the good prices and variety of stuff.  

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