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A new favourite activity for Oliver and myself is creating stories together.  I purchased a box of prompt cards at Chapters about six months ago and finally brought them out.  While Isla naps, the two of us spend some time being creative and silly.  The cards are perfect for ideas and helping string ideas together.  I have to admit I need the prompts just as much as Oliver does.  It has really has shown me how important being creativity and thinking outside the box is.  With Oliver approaching kindergarten soon, I hope this helps with vocabulary, comprehension, listening and sequencing.  

Here are the cards from Chapters ($12.99) we have been using.  There are different themes of cards.  We have the 'Mystery in the Forest'.  Oliver loves animals so many of stories revolve around the squirrel, fox, pig or chicken.  And of course the treasure.

I also found two apps that essential do the same thing.  One is Story Wheel.  What's cool about this apps is that it tells back your child's story in their voice.  And you get to spin the wheel kind of like the Price Is Right.  
The other is Story Dice.  Instead of cards you get random images on the dice as prompts. 

Story Wheel

Story Dice

I came across as a website called Kitchen Counter Chronicles that has a free printable for you to put prompts in a jar.  Here is the link: Storytelling Prompts for Kids

Blocks can also be a great tool as most have pictures on them.

So many great ways to get your child's imagination going.  May your imagination take you to some fun places!

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