endless ideas with washi tape

Washi tape is a crafters delight.  It's fun, easy to use and cheap.  You can find it at most craft stores.  I found some at Target last week in the office supplies.  
I sat down to craft yesterday afternoon and the possibilities really are endless.  You just have to use your imagination.  You can make cards, gifts, decorate pencils/clothes pins/straws to party decorations.  Flags and buntings are really popular right now so it's an easy way to create your own.

With Valentine's Day coming in a month, it's the perfect way to decorate or treat your special Valentine to something made with love.

Don't limit yourself and have fun. 
ps.  don't leave out the kids, it's fun and easy for them too!

If you are looking for more ideas, Pinterest has plenty.  Just search 'washi tape'.  

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