a remake of a 1962 chair

This past summer I took Oliver with me to do some antique shopping in New Westminster.  We made an afternoon of it and enjoyed our time.  I was on the lookout for some sitting chairs for our living room.  Something I could refinish easily and put in front of our window.  I felt I need something to fill the space.  I didn't want to spend an arm and a leg because I've never refinished chairs with cushions.  I finally found a set for $120.00 for the pair.  I brought them home with high hopes and a nervous feeling.  

I had a hard time deciding if I wanted to paint them cream or black.  I do most furniture in white so I decided to go with black which is classic and different from what I've done before.  I struggled equally in the fabric store trying to find the perfect fabric to recover the cushions.  I settled on a cream and black chevron type fabric.  

I painted them with two coats of black chalk pain from FAT Paint.  They are local producers of chalk paint in New Westminster.  I then sealed them with wax.  

I had to wait till my parents visited for Thanksgiving for a staple gun.  My Dad had one and brought it out for me just for this project.  Thanks Dad!  Getting the old material proved to be time consuming and difficult.  It was tacked and stapled on.  Once it was off, it was time to recover.  This was the nerve wracking part.  So Trevor and I worked as a team to make sure the fabric was tight [and straight].  While one positioned the fabric, the other stapled.  For the most part we did pretty good but always room for improvement.  I then bought some black trim and glued in on the front two legs to cover up the seams.  I also added felt pads on the bottom of the legs because they were metal and would scratch our floors.  I bought them at the dollar store.  

Overall, I'm quite pleased with my remake of these 1962 chairs.  I love that they are one of kind.

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