Pipe Cleaner Crowns

This was a great little morning activity to do with the kids.  They love dressing up so this was a sure bet that they would be into it.  Who doesn't like to wear a crown?  Every little girl likes to play the princess and every little boy wants to be the prince.  This would make a great Valentine's Day party activity.  Or for a birthday party and New Years Eve.  Or any day really!
The pipe cleaners can be sharp so make sure to have adults help the little ones.

I basically took two piper cleaners and twisted the ends together.  First measure your child's head so it fits. 

Make the shape you want to add to the crown.  Once made, twist again onto base of crown.

To make the circles on the top of the crown, I used a pen and twisted it around it.

We even made some wands because they are just as important.

And even made one for the piggy.

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