DIY Hot/Cold RIce Pack

On one of my earlier posts I mentioned that I don't like to be cold, especially my feet.  I'm like my mother and must have poor circulation.  My feet are always cold in the winter.  And I can't sleep if my feet are cold.  I use rice bags all the time.  Nothing better than a warm bed and warm feet when you are falling asleep.  Recently mine leaked a hole .... not fun cleaning that up.  So I took to the computer to find a tutorial and it wasn't hard.  How hard can it be sewing fabric together with some rice in it.  My motto lately is, if I can make it or even think I can, I will try.  I was quite happy with the results.  

What you need:
Fabric and flannel
Lavender (optional)

1.  Cut the size of fabric you want.  Here are the sizes of mine: large was 17 x 6 and the small was 5 x 5.
2.  I lined the bags with flannel to keep the heat it.  I cut flannel pieces the same size as the fabric pieces.
3.  I tried two different ways to sew the bags.  For the large, I sewed the back sides together and turned inside out.  The small, I put right sides together and zig-zagged together.  Both worked well.  
4.  Leave a small hole to add the rice (use funnel if needed) and I added dried lavender.  Lavender is light, pleasant and used to help with sleeping.
5.  Lastly, I sewed the hole together.

The west coast doesn't get too cold so I might be sending a few mini packs to my nieces and nephew in Alberta.  I'm sure they would love to warm up there hands and feet after playing in the snow on cold, winter day.

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