so very sick

What a week it has been.  We have all had variations of the flu and/or a cold.  Trevor started the week out with the flu, Oliver soon joined in with a cold and high fever for New Years and I finished the week with an ear infection, high fever and cold.  Isla woke up with a low grade fever yesterday and has a runny nose.  I'm still slowly recovering with a cold and feeling groggy but I'm glad the worst is behind us. 
Man was I sick.  24 hours of an excruciating headache, pressure and aches. I kept thinking how awfully it must be for our littles ones when they have an ear infection.  And the worst part is, I know for myself I've caught it late.  My body fought hard to fight the infection for 24 hours till finally I told some Buckley's and found some antibiotic ear drops.  It was only then then that I started to relieve the pressure.  Looking after the kids on Friday by myself was well, survival.  Lets just say there was way too much tv watched, far too many snacks and the kids had the run of the house.  The house was a disaster.  I was just counting down the minutes till Trevor got home from work so I could have a bath and rest.  He was officially "mom" for the weekend while I recovered.  I was so thankfully it was the weekend because moms just don't get sick days.  Trevor did a great job of taking care of all of us.  No break for him this weekend unfortunately but that's what family does.  They take care of each other.  I must confess, I really wanted my mom.  Mom's make everything better when your sick.  A phone call to hear voice and a quick prayer was just what I needed.

After being so sick, I'm grateful for my heath.  I have little issues like everyone but nothing major and that is a blessing.  It really puts things in perspective.

Hopefully now I can get back to life, playing and crafting.

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