A barbq Sauce + Sprinkles Father's Day

Father's Day 2014 was simple, spent with family and we delighted in the little things.  Special days don't have to be grand to be special.  Trevor was treated to a morning of sleep, pancakes with sprinkles and home-made cards.  I had a disappointing mommy moment at one point in the morning.  I thought I was recording Trevor opening his gifts and reading his cards from the kids only to realize second later that I had just taken a picture.  I guess a memory captured just in our hearts.  

We then went to church where every family was given a bottle of barbq sauce.  This wasn't just a nudge for the dads to get to the grill but an invitation to welcome someone over for a meal and love on those around you.  A family you don't know well in the neighbourhood, a co-worker or someone who needs to feel loved.  Sharing a meal is a simple and great opportunity to come together.  

Trevor picked Montana's for his lunch, Isla needed a nap and off to the in-laws for a barbq.  Kids jumped on the trampoline in between rains, I Facetimed my dad in Alberta and Monopoly was played late into the evening.  A full-family-filled day.

This past Friday was the Father's Sports Day at preschool and Opa decided he was able to go with Oliver. Oliver was thrilled to have time with Opa.  He took a hammer and a snack for them to share.  Opa and Oliver made an alligator out of nails and rubber bands.  It's a keeper. 

 Found these cute Dad and Grandpa cards on Tater Tots and Jello.

Hope all you wonderful Dad's felt loved.  

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