DIY Christmas tree trunk ornaments + coasters

As you can tell from some of my past posts, I really like the woodland and rustic look this Christmas.  So when we went to the tree farms a week ago, I asked the owner if he had any tree stumps laying around.  I told him I had some projects in mind.  I told him I wanted to make some ornaments, coasters and decorations.  Without hesitation, he cut ten little disks.  So great!  One less thing for Trevor to do.  I brought them home and sanded the edges so they were flat.  For the coasters, I used clear furniture polishing wax to give them a more finished look.  The ornaments, Trevor drilled small holes in the top.  I used some twine and a fine tip black marker to draw on them.  I originally tried to stamp them but the uneven surface made it blotchy.  One of the best parts of this project is that it was practically free because I had all the supplies from before and the trees were free!  These would make perfect gifts but I think I'll be keeping these ones.  

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