Prayer Box Swap 4.0

This past month I participated in my first box swap.  This one was a prayer box swap.  I've seen them a few times on Instagram and got my name in on time for this one, PBS 4.0.  This particular one was set up by BubabdNonnie Blog.  This is how it works: you sign up to participate, fill out a form about yourself.  Mainly your likes, interests, hobbies, personal information if you like and any prayer requests.  This swap we all donated $5.00 to help a family adopting a little one.  All this money went to one family to help support their adoption process.  We then received an email about our 'swap box' partner.  I found out about her and her interests to help me put her box together.  Each participant is asked to put about $20 worth of items in their box.  About 4-5 items.  As I put the box together, I prayed for her requests and her family.  I knew on the other end was someone playing for me and my requests.  We had a deadline and off the packages went.  I received a lovely package from a mother of three in Ontario.  We now follow each other on Instagram and have started somewhat of a friendship because of this.

Here is the package I put together for my prayer partner.  She said she had a tea cup collection so I found a vintage gold trim tea cup.  She loves fabric scraps so I included a bundle of fabric pieces from my collection.  She grew her first garden this year so I found some chalk garden markers from Chapters.  I also included a heart felt bunting I made and a to-do pad of paper.  I hope she was blessed by my box put together with thoughtfulness and prayer.

In return received a box full of little goodies .... a framed Bible verse, washi tape, straws, wood matching game for the kids, dark chocolate [one of my favourites], travel coffee cup, handmade hoop art, flower pot + seeds, coffee and homemade bath salts.  

For more details of how it worked, click on the link.  

If you are interested in doing a "Blessing Box Swap", please let me know.  I would be open to arranging one just because I know how fun and what a blessing it was.  It's great to get a package in the mail designed just for you!

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