Blessing Box Swap 1.0

Welcome to Blessing Box Swap 1.0.  - NOW CLOSED
I recently participated in a prayer box swap and blogged about it last week.  The response to be involved in one was great so I have decided to organize one. 

How does this work?  
Complete and submit the form below by June 27th.  You will receive an email from me the following week with your box swap partners information.  The two of you will be swapping your blessing box with each other.  This will hopefully create friendship and connection.  Fill your box with items based on the information you received and send by the deadline.

What do I put in my blessing box?
Include 4-5 items worth at least $25.00 in total.  These items can be bought or homemade.  If an  item is homemade, estimate how much it may be worth to buy. 

All boxes must be mailed out on the deadline!  This is only fair and considerate to your partner.  It does not need to be in an actual box.  You may mail it however you would like.

The deadline to mail all the boxes is July 11th.

If you are on Instagram, hashtag #blessingboxswapone if you want to show your blessing box or how it's coming along.  

Here is the form to complete:  Link Removed

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at  

I'm glad there are so many others who are interested in:
a] being creative 
b] a blessing + taking the time to pray
c] being intentional 
d] creating community and friendship


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