A not so lame Father's Day Tie

Father's Day is a few days away.  I recently came across a mens discount website. It's called Jack Threads.  I'm sure there are lots of them for guys but I don't shop online for my husband too often. He's picky.

So I decided to buy Trevor two ties.  Yes a typical father's day gift most would think but not for my husband.  I've never bought him a tie as a gift.  Mainly because he doesn't wear ties ever.  Just for weddings.  We have three coming up so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to buy one [or two].  I liked that these were different.  I got a bow tie and a skinny casual tie.  Trevor is really picky when it comes to clothes yet he doesn't want to go shopping.  So I took the liberty of shopping for him and trying something different.  He's either going to love it or I'll be returning them.  I'm trying to take his style up a notch so we will see come this August.  

Do you check out discount websites?  Here are a few I like.  You can get great deals on name brand clothing.

Thred Up is a very cool store if you are looking to buy name brand used clothes plus you can sell your clothes for cash.  They also donate all the unused items to charity.  

If you are looking for high end luxury consignment, go to Walk In My Closet.  This website is all about name brands.  Guessing only a select few shop here.  

Some that are beyond my price range but fun sites to check out:
Century 21
Bib + Tuck
Luxury Garage Sale
Rue La La

If you have one you recommend, please share!

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