Snow Play [x3]

I recently came across an Instagram feed that truly inspired me as a mom.  She is so creative and intentional about learning and play with her children.  Something I strive to do with my children.  But it takes time and effort.  My children don't always play well on there own or voluntarily choose to do free play by themselves so I feel I need to direct them somewhat.  Her Instagram name is katherinemaries and her website is  I'm a detailed person so I love the details she puts into her activities.  I know I'll be doing more that a few of her ideas with my munchkins.  Follow her if you need inspiration!  

As I was scrolling through her amazing pictures, I came across some fun snow activities.  Perfect since we have a dump of snow right now.  Tons of snow actually.  I feel like it came out of nowhere.  Just when I was preparing for spring.  

I prepped two of the snow activities last night but the kids were so into it that I scrambled for a third and it turned out great.  Mainly because I had all the stuff I needed at home and it got the kids outside.

Activity #1: Snow People.  
This one I got from katherinemaries.  What a great idea to bring the snow inside.  I laid out all the materials on a the wood trays, brought in the snow and let them create.  I did have to help quite abit with this one.  Getting the snow on the tray and even getting the materials on the packed snow was a bit of a challenge.  But they loved the end product.

Activity #2: Dino + Minion Snow Dig. 
This is a modification of one of katherinemaries activities.  I wanted to include Isla in this so I made her the minion dig and Oliver the dino dig.  I found two scoops in the drawer, threw in the treasures to find along with the snow and let them hunt.  The kids loved it!  

Activity #3: Paint the Snow.
This activity was the one I threw together last minute with stuff I had at home.  I wanted to get the kids outside and do more of an art project.  After searching through the house, I found a ketchup and mustard bottle, filled them with water and food colouring.  Easiest activity ever.  Done a million times by moms everywhere.  

My goal is to do a well planned and intentional activity with my children every Monday morning.  It may involve prep the night before but I want to start out the week with fun and learning which can be done together.  

Find what inspires you and do.

The day ended with a neighbourhood snowball fight with kids against Trevor.  Oh the fun!


  1. Yes we have "painted the snow" and I am loath to do it again since my kids blew through their spray bottles so fast I was constantly re-filling to even get a half an hour out of this activity. Plus I was worried they were going to dye their snow clothes. Otherwise FUN!

  2. I was worried about staining their clothes too. I diluted it pretty good. And I was busy re-filling the bottles multiple times. Why can't an activity last longer than 10-15 minutes? One can hope :)


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