The little things

This past week I scored a good deal on my local bidding site.  It's a site where you win some and you loose some.  I've got items that were great and some that I was truly disappointed.  You base your bid on a small picture and someone elses opinion of their item.  So you are always taking a risk but it can pay off.

This week I got an almost new, in the box HP colour print.  It doesn't sound that cool or fabulous but I love to print things off Pinterest for myself and the kids.  And to do it, I've been taking my UBS to Staples when I'm out running errands.  I have to drop it off and then pick up a day later when it's ready.  Doing this task with two small children is annoying.  They don't like it and I don't like it.  So this is going to save me trips to Staples, my children trying to eat the random suckers at the front of the store and paying more for printing then I need to.  Yes, I was thoroughly excited about my $8.00 colour printer.  

It's the little things in life.

Here are a few links to printables I adore.  You can find tons of great free printables on Pinterest.  Easy way to decorate your home, to give to a friend as a gift and encourage yourself when you need it .... I put mine on my fridge.

1. I Heart Naptime: Great DIY blog and a variety of different printables that let you get creative.

2. Craftaholicsanonymous: If you love to craft and have a craft room.  Which one day I hope to have!

3.Confessions of a Recovering Chocoholic: This is a great website for those that like to make lists and be organized.  I love to make lists and need to write everything down.

3. Yellow Bliss Road: Save this for September.  Great way to remember these milestones.

4.  Between you and Me: Cute yellow 'You are my Sunshine' printable.

5. Tried and True Blog: Free printable you can colour.

6. A little Umbrella: These are so pretty.  I've printed a few off because they are so encouraging.

7.Simple As That Blog: Simple and Cute.  I have a few of these in our playroom.

8. J and A and Co: Great bathroom or bedroom printables.  Again, used one in the playroom.

9. It's Always Autumn: This has a link to 20 different free beautiful printables.

10. The Handmade Home:  Just came across this blog and it's fantastic.  Lots of amazing printables from organizing your kids closets, gift tags to cute nursery art.

Enjoy getting organized, decorating your home and encouraging someone who needs it with these free printables.  

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